Game Design

Another skill I have developed over the years has been with video game design and creation. Understanding the process and implementation of assets is very important to me when it comes to working on sound with projects. Doing so has now lead me to create games of my own and continued to learn the deeper mechanics of Unity, scripting and game design itself.

Keep an eye on this page for future updates about projects and releases.

Roybus (Working-Title):
Currently in development and a full scale indie release. An open-world action/adventure about a misfit cat and his unintended journey to discover where he really comes from… while also working as a delivery cat to cover his rent. Follow the progress on Instagram:

Spooky Cat:
A mild horror themed adventure mini-game and my first mini release.
Follow the mysterious Spooky Cat as it leads you throughout the eerie dark atmosphere of the abandoned town trying to deliver it’s message to you. This was one of my first experimental games learning my way around Unity.

Spooky Cat Version 1.1 Alpha for Windows and macOS is currently available for download from the link below.

Download Spooky Cat v.1.1 for Windows
Download Spooky Cat v.1.1 for macOS